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Our teaching combines ancient yoga practices , modern scientific background and experience.

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Our Mission and Your Donation

Our mission and dream is to set up a world class yoga therapy centre with nominal charges but of high quality infrastructure and service for everyone all over the world.

If you are blessed with potential of providing funding for the scientific research in the field of Yoga then we are the right people to execute it.

datavyam=worth giving; iti=thus; yat=that which; danam=charity; diyate=given; anupakarine=to any person irrespective of doing good; dese=in place; kale= in time; ca=also; patre=suitable person; ca=and; tat=that; danam=charity; sattvikam=in the mode of Satvik (goodness); smrtam=consider.

" A pure gift is that which is given with purity and kindness in the heart, given to the right person at the right time is considered to be charity of Satvik type "
– Bhagvad Gita

For this to manifest, you can contribute in many ways.

If you are interested in any kind of help, please do send email to SohamYogaStudio@gmail.com

What kind of help?

It could be just anything !!!

Starting form your blessing and well wishes to donation of Yoga mats , props (blocks, ropes , belts etc.) or financial funding of any kind, is welcome. Your help can become turning point in someone's life.

With Kind regards, OM and prem,

Soham Yoga Studio

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Shilpa Yoga Mat
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