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Given below are the feedbacks of people who have seen tremendous positive changes through yoga. Moreover, it needs courage to share personal experience with the intention of helping others who are suffering. There are other N number of students who have seen benefits but unfortunately have never shared any feedback. People below are indeed exceptional for sharing and only because of such people Yoga is still alive...
We would like to express our deep gratitude for sharing their feedback.

Students who have taken effort to express their feelings and thoughts in the written format are presented here. Click on the image below to read in bigger image. All feedback and experince of students are present below that.

Overall Transformation

During my time in Pune, I have regularly attended to Soham Yoga Studio’s morning class at 7 am. I have truly gained more flexibility , discipline and awareness of my body and health. This would not have been possible without the great support that I have gotten. Mr. Dwivedi is great yoga teacher who take care of everyone through his guidance. I really have gotten personal guidance and support that has awaken my consciousness. Because of discipline , flexibility and awareness I am able to do asana that I would not have believed before the practice. Besides , Mr. Dwivedi and his family are very kind and welcoming. I would definitely recommend others to join this lovely studio !! --- Ina, Sweden.

I joined Soham Yoga Studio in April 2012. Before joining, I had been struggling to stay fit all my life. This was mainly due to surmounting study during school and college and then pressure to work long hours in the Indian IT industry. I was not obese but definitely not fit and flexible, with low confidence. I had tried cardio earlier but ended up gaining more weight when I could not be regular .
However, the teachers at Soham Yoga Studio (Umesh sir and Anu ma'am) transformed my living through their excellent yoga teaching. To start off, classes were held at 7am daily, which made waking up early a habit. All yoga postures were introduced with different levels of difficulty, which made the challenge fun. Just after two months of regular yoga practice with their studio I noticed remarkable differences in body and mind :
1. Lost 5 kg weight (from 53 to 48)
2. Lost 4 inches and went down a couple of size in clothes(M to XS) (and never gained back like I did with cardio :) )
3. Improved flexibility greatly, and posture.
4. Positive outlook to life situations.
5. Increased attention at work (hence I was able to work with more focus and complete tasks quickly and leave home early :) )
6. Active while at home, able to do more tasks and stay organized :)
7. Increased immunity.
8. Glowing and clear face.
Though I moved to New York and there are so many yoga studios here, I am yet to find another teacher as good as you both. The yoga postures taught here will stay with me for life.
--- Anshika, New York.

It was two months back that I was carrying all the species of problems in my cart. Starting from weight, inches, bloating, depression, hair fall, PMS, lack of decision making capabilities, time management, and top of the list - heavy mood swings.
So, for the sake of sweating it out, I hit the gym, and in over enthusiasm ended up with catches and limps. I was still limping when I turned in for a demo session at the Soham Yoga Studio. Today I feel that my transformation had begun the same day with the decision of taking up Yog for my life. Now it is as if how did I manage to survive a day without Yog? You have literally brought miracles in my life Sir! And I am really clueless about the way I shall thank you for this transformational change.
I could sense the neutrality in your voice when I talked to you for the first time. I mean, in this age of ugly competition, where people are waiting to nail you down with their false claims, I could feel your unbiased attitude as well as concerns. Seeing my desperation for weight loss, you could have easily taken me for a ride. But I realized that people like you do exist, perhaps for whom, we can still have faith in humanity.
I don't know how it goes with other students of yours; but I do remember that I had flooded you with my problems and questions. My sincere apologies for every negativity that I might have un-intentionally transferred to you Sir. I also remember those magic words of yours that has changed my life in all the aspects - "I don't promise that people or circumstances around you would change, but I do believe that you will be capable enough to handle anything that comes up". And I am very much confident in saying that exactly this is what the present scenario is. Weight loss and inch loss in your guidance has been a great great journey, but the Yog experience I have received through you, is priceless and ecstatically blissful.
Yog has brought a discipline in me like never before. More than me, I feel it's your perseverance and your faith in Yog that can change lives. I wish and I pray the Almighty to make you a source of such millions of transformations in our lives. I am just a tiny little creature before your knowledge, however, would certainly like to comment that you have got an immense reserve of it. Lives are bound to change with this level of maturity, knowledge, and unending empathy for others' problems. I bow before this humility of yours Sir, otherwise I could never have achieved what I have achieved in two months.
On your behalf and with your permission Sir, I would just like to bring to notice a small suggestion that people might overlook while they practice Yog is - when they are instructed to focus on a particular point, or control their breathing in some particular way - they must try doing that. Its unbelievable how that magically corrects the Yog posture and drives us towards perfection. All the details that we need about a particular posture are all hidden in Sir's instructions itself, we just need to follow them. --- Sunanda.

Dear Anuji and Umeshji,
I joined your class with the sole on (only) reason most of us fret about that is WEIGHT LOSS though other health issues needed priority. Your class is not a highly formal and strict set up which actually helps any student to be at ease. Coupled with your personal involvement in guiding us through issue related diet and exercise, I feel very comfortable. You actually do the handwork of finalizing good diet and we just have to follow it. Yes, it was difficult initially, but now I am totally in sync.
This is not a sort of rags to riches story, but I want people to know that above money , fame and power at the end of the day it's peaceful and uninterrupted sleep we all need. I started realizing and feeling a sense of calmness and peace towards the end of the first year after joining you class. That feeling has since multiplied by leaps and bounds under your guidance. Here I wish to clarify that I am yet to learn to do many asanas, but knowing my physical limitations, I am never forced to do so by you.
As I step into the 6th year of yoga practice under you, I feel like newcomer in your class and have miles more to go. Problems and issues are always meant to test us and we need to go with the flow, a small childhood lesson I learnt which got solidified after joining your class.
THANKS is very small word compared to what goodness and positivity I am experiencing in increased amount day by day. Yes, I have shortcoming as an individual and I am trying to reduce them. Las but not least, the sole purpose of this handwritten note is to convey my respect and gratitude for you, something which a printout/sms/whatsup or facebook message can never do. Yes, I belong to the generation of postcards and inland letters. :)
yours sincerely --- Pavithra.

Dear Anuji & Umeshji,
On the occasion of 6th anniversary of Soham yoga studio, I take an opportunity to express my gratitude for your guidance over the past few years. I have not only enjoyed your teaching , more than that I can say , I have been able to regain health, hope and wisdom personally. You have really made me to understand of what is possible. You have helped to keep me sane through some really difficult times.
Thank you so much with all my heart.
It won't be fair enough if I say that now I will survive but will be stronger , more conscious and more at peace. Your knowledge is vast and deep. You connect with each of your students in a personal way which gives it all the more meaning. You have given me a deeper understanding & comfort. Thanks you for your guidance, kindness & patience with us. I am happy and proud to be part of Soham yoga family and I assure that what I learnt from Soham yoga will be a part of my life always.
Wishing you the very best this special day and always.
"vazhtha vayathillai,vanangugiren" (in Tamil)
(Vazhtha - to bless/wish , Vayathillai - not old/wise (enough) , Vanangukirean - I salute (you) )
"Meaning - To bless you is beyond me, so I salute you!"
With luv & prayers --- Savitha.

Umesh and Soham Yoga Studio does not need any feedback or advertising. Each day the number of new students enrolling is a testimonial to the amazing knowledge and experience Umesh Sir imparts. Under his attentive personal attention, we have all benfited in resolving our nagging aches pains and related issues.
Personally Soham Yoga studio has made yoga my way of life. I find it the best way to start my day. Mind Body Spirit is in sync after an hour long of yoga here. The one hour of yoga here is well designed to exercise every part of the body.
Each asana, under Umesh Sir's guidance teaches you mindfulness, focussing on retention, breath. Its one hour wholly devoted to yourself.... for your betterment.
Thank you --- Malathi.

When I walked in to Soham studio 2 years back, I never thought it will be a paradigm shift in my life... I walked in with high blood pressure , stress and was always angry on my dear and near ones. I always thought my expiry date will be by age 40. I remember the day 1 in class and I was not able to sit on floor for 5 min ( not in any asan :)  ). But in short time I noticed the changes what yoga brought in my life. Bp under control, cool mind. I should say that in 6 months I was a different person. Even my colleagues recognized the change and they were asking what is the secret. I felt like I gained another 5 years of my life in 6 months. I would like to thank Umesh and Anu who quit their job to help people who are in need by selecting yoga as their main focus of life. Hats off for their decision. Again the fees charged in Soham studio is so less which again shows their commitment to society. I would like thank Umesh for changing my life and all the knowledge he is continually sharing in class ( cherry on top). --- Deepak.

It is indeed a great pleasure and my honor convey my soulful thanks to Soham Yoga Studio, especially to Mr Umeshji for bringing a new dimension to my life journey. Yoga these four letter word for the past six months transformed myself to an optimistic, energetic person. This yoga travel has made journey of life soulful and of course meaningful. Disciplined, dignified method of teaching helped me explore my deeepest strength and eradicated my stressful life to happiest one. Thanks may be a small word to Soham Yoga Studio and I have only that word to express. Thanks to all enlightening souls and dear friends of Soham Yoga Studio. Though the classes are over because of my travel, but teachings will show me eternal light to proceed further in my journey in a perfect way. Thanks once again.--- Ravi.

Yoga has a big impact in my life.It has transformed me in my physical, emotional , intellectual and spiritual personalities.Yoga has improved my working lifestyle by being more active and more conscious and cautious. I owe my gratitude to "Soham Yoga Studio" for all amazing experience am having without which it would not been possible to cherish all these moments. --- Hemalatha Chavan.

Yoga has helped me in many ways like stress buster , pain reliever , helped in weight loss, gained confidence and many other things. Yoga is meant to be all and this should be taken seriously. I will keep coming to classes as long as I am in pune. --- Sneha.

I am long distance runner. Usually after my running , I do stretching of my calf , thigh , shoulders. But during yoga, I realized that I was also stretching my ankle , back , neck and abdomen muscles. Usually these also get impacted during running and through yoga it helped me feel more relaxed. Overall I have seen improvement in metabolism, sleep. I will continue this yoga and diet suggested aprt from my running activities. Thanks for making me better. --- R. Veeraraghavan.

This might seem like a pre mature testimonial but it had to come across at this point. I was to travel to Pune from Bangalore for 4 weeks on a assignment. I stumbled upon Soham Yoga website and dropped a mail to the email ID mentioned. Within a few hours I got a very prompt reply from Umeshji who welcomed me to Pune very courteously. I informed him that I have complaints like thyroid, wheezing and over weight. The evening I arrived, I met with the couple and they were really very encouraging and bright. I started taking up his classes regularly and have brought in some serious food changes to my life. Within these 4 weeks I have seen increased retention, concentration and more over inch loss. My body is reacting very beautifully to the asans and pranayam. As I leave the city, I carry with me the hope to continue the practice and take timely guidance from him. --- Pallavi , Bangalore.

Initially I joined this class just for reducing my weight and belly but later on I felt noticeable change in my health. Soham Yoga Studio not only concentrates on your health issues but they keep suggesting on how it can be improved more, what all things we should be doing in our routine so as to remain healthy life long. I still don’t believe that now I can do 50 plus crunches in one go. Main important thing helped me is Pranayama. Sir also gave Jalaneti treatment for us which helps in cold problems. It was really helpful to join this class and I am gonna continue. Thank you Sir and Anuji for your efforts towards us. Thank you. --- Medha Deshmukh.

I have been practising at "Soham Yoga Studio" for last for three months till now and i woud like to share my experience. This has very positive and good effect on me. Soham Yoga Studio has done like everything for me. I joined this classes for weight loss initially but later I realized that It has brought inner change as well. In addition to it within two months of practice it regularized my menstruation cycle. yoga helped me in many other ways like neck pain relief, giving glow to my skin and hair growth. The beauty of this yoga studio is that it gives improvement from outside as well as from inside. Now I found the truth. Thanks to Soham Yoga Studio :). --- Kavita Chavan.

Weight loss

Like most of us, even i used to think that what happens inside my body or rather what happens to my body was not in my control. I had become overweight, had severe piles problem, my digestive system had gone for a toss and in general had become lazy and lethargic and at 27, this is not how you would like to be.
I just forced myself to think that my body has become like that and there's nothing I can do about it. I and my husband joined Soham Yoga Studio 5 months back at the Kharadi branch just to give it a shot to lose some weight and for our overall fitness. The day we met Umesh sir, we just knew he was special n that day we got a hope that may be we can get over our issues regarding our health.
And we set out on our journey which has today proved to be life changing for us, in every which way. Yoga can solve any problem..trust me..you just need to have the intent and faith in it and it does wonders. It has done magic for us and we owe it all to our magician, Umesh sir. Sir always keeps saying, “what happens outside is not under your control but what happens inside your body definitely is.”
Yoga and good diet is a lethal combination to all your issues. The inner strength that yoga gives you is something that is unbelievable. I weigh 54 kgs now(I was 66.8 when I joined) and my husband has lost 20 kgs. My confidence level is at its best. I feel a sense of inner peace. Im much happier now, I look at things differently, I deal with things differently, im much confident as a person and with my body..I've become much stronger as a person. My outlook towards life has transformed completely. I have never felt so fit and healthy ever before. Umesh sir is an ocean of knowledge. The personal interest, the effort that he takes in helping you overcome your problems without expecting anything in return is extremely rare to find. He is one person who has influenced our lives like never before.
The love and respect we feel for him is heartfelt. He is just so giving. The changes in your diet and lifestyle that he suggests, just follow them blindly with faith and you will surely see the results that u want to see. That's what I did. Thank you sir and Anu mam for all the support and concern. Thanking for sharing your knowledge,for changing my life, literally.
We are really lucky to have met you and how much ever we thank you, its never going to be enough. Thank you. --- Vaishnavi.

Formula is very simple - Reduce the Intake of Fats and Burn the stored One. But firstly understand your body type and problems.
Listen to your body, analyze it because every body reacts differently for the same diet. This is my journey from 80 Kg to 65 Kg (Milestone) and yet to achieve the destination. I would like to thank to Mr. Umesh Dwivedi, Yoga Trainer, guided me very well.
I'm 5 feet 4 inches long and I lost 15 kg. Here is my story. I hope it will help u -
Due to improper routine,Junk food and zero hours of exercise, I become a friend of indigestion, gas formation, constipation and ultimately lovely belly fats. In no time I get addicted to them and become the bulky one. This is how I enjoyed with these for last 4 - 5 years from 52 Kg to 80.2 Kg. Ah! what a great a journey it was! I had all kinds of food. Cheese burger was my favorite one. I had it almost every alternate day. We never think in between but think a lot after reaching somewhere. Same thing has happened with me.
Problem (Before)-
As I said, My weight was 80.2 kg in few months before. This was the period,when my weight was shouting on me to say Goodbye. And I started Working on it - read so many weight loss books, gone through celebrity's diet charts. I did walking,running,cycling and skipped fatty foods. After doing all this, I lost around 8 kg. Now I was 72 kg in the month of June'15. I had No guidance of any trainer in this journey of losing 8 kg. Hence it took 6 months to lose just 8 kg. Again I continued the same routine,but wasn't working anymore Now. I was lagging somewhere and I started searching for a trainer who will guide me to come out of it.
Then, I found Soham Yoga studio www.sohamyogastudio.org on Google, near to my place and with suitable timings.I met Mr. Umesh Dwivedi, Certified Yoga Trainer and Mrs. Dwivedi, diet consultant. I shared my problems with them, took the guidance. Joined Yoga class in the month of August and within just 7 weeks, Lost 7 kg & lost in inches also.
With proper routine,diet and exercise - not just lost fats(weight), but did overcome to all small problems - dryness,pimples,hair fall.
My experience-
To achieve it, Consistency is the Key.
Be regular and be patient. Motivation gets you moving, Determination keeps you going.
YES YOU CAN and Love Yourself more than food. --- Rutuja.

After working in the IT industry from 4 years, my overall health had significantly deprived. I was weighing 66 kg, was having PCOD and thyroid symptoms, my face had lost its entire glow. My clothes were becoming tighter every month.
I consider it a blessing from the Almighty to have met Umesh sir and learn yoga from him. From several years, I had been trying to reduce weight and was looking for a proper guidance to do so. I went to the gym and did not lose even a gram of weight; moreover the gym instructor had told me that it is not possible for me to reduce weight as I was a vegetarian. I had followed a lot of videos on Youtube to get fit but somehow, none of them showed any significant results.
So, one of my colleagues had heard that there is a good Yoga class in IRIS Building and was looking for a company to join it, so one fine morning we simply walked into Sir’s class and started learning Yoga from him. From that day onwards till now it has been a fantastic experience and has changed my life completely. In 4 months’ span of time I have lost 10 kg of weight which I thought was never possible given the kind of sedentary job I have. I have become a more calm and a more composed person. My periods have become regular. My skin has started glowing and now I don’t feel the need to wear any kind of makeup. My wardrobe size has changed from XL to M. I have lost the craving to eat any kind of junk food.
The concept of maintaining a food diary is a very practical method of keeping a check on your diet. Now, I am a more confident person and realize that it is important to take of your health and rest of the things in life automatically fall into their own places.
I feel that Umesh Sir is the best teacher because he really takes the time and effort to guide each of his students as per his/her individual problem. Students of all age groups come with all sorts of problems like backache, knee pain, thyroid, PCOD, weight loss, weight gain, pre-natal care, post-natal care etc. and the patience with which Sir deals with each one of us is really wonderful. I don’t think any other doctor or any fitness trainer per se would take even half as much effort as he takes. He regularly urges all the students to eat healthy food, walk regularly and this shows his care towards each one of us.
Till the time I am in Pune, I will learn as much as possible from him and would urge everyone to just follow whatever Sir prescribes and you will definitely see the magic happening. --- Dimple.

It's been exactly a (July 11, 2016)year that I have been a part of Soham Yoga and it has been an amazing and positive journey ! This testimonial was long due(my apologies) however let me begin by saying my thanks to Umesh Sir and Anu Ma’am for all the positivity they have brought in me as an individual. To start with I always thought yoga as boring and especially is of no use to lose weight. I joined yoga just as an experiment for a month and to keep myself physically active because by then I had already done Gym, Aerobics, Zumba, walking etc. Well, my concern was weight coz when I joined I was 60kgs (after my pregnancy this was the worst number I had attained)and wanted to atleast lose 5kgs and also some inch loss. I also have hypothyroid and that adds to my weight issues further. Sir asked me to write and maintain a diary which will include timing and what I ate for the day. I was so clueless about so many harmful food habits that I had developed over a period of time.
Initially my diary had many corrections even to the smallest item of having one biscuit or Bournvita! Thank you Umesh Sir for introducing us to the "RIGHT" food and that magic food is Millets and salads mainly. I showed the diary for a month and by the end of it was a flawless report J and also had lost 1 and half kg. From that day onwards upto now eating the right foods has become an essential part of our life and my family enjoys it too. We do not regret even a tiny bit of letting go all the junk ( pizza, vada pav etc ). Also every once in a while I used to have pain in my left lower back and all the way till my thighs. When I spoke to Sir he helped me solve this Sciatica with specific yoga poses. So far the results that I have obtained are
1. Reducing the weight from 60 kgs to 51 kgs
2. Inch loss 4-5 inches ( overall )
3. But most importantly developing a positive nature and confidence.
Sir is always there to help you boost psychologically through his talks in the class. These have made a huge difference & have helped in developing the right attitude. I can now say that I actually 'THINK' about a lot of small n big things in day to day life. Yoga has helped me calm down and prioritize lot of things which has made life easier.
I also thank you Sir for encouraging and guiding me to go for Goecha La, Sikkim trek(9 days 16,000ft altitude). I was not confident as I had my sciatica pain and am 38yrs old. When I spoke to Sir he said, “Ab nahi toh kab” and he motivated and guided me to prepare well (4 months)and yes it was an amazing experience. I would specifically add in here that Pranayama helped me during high altitude as there is a severe lack of oxygen. All through my trek my oxygen level and pulse rate was very good.
My husband and I have experienced a positive change as individuals and at home. If I am allowed to say, "Now I am addicted to yoga" and love this. We will always be indebted to Yoga and Sir! --- Sheetal R.

When i decieded to write a testimonial the first thing that came to my mind is " Pehle main bahut mota tha .. " and that is actually how its worked for me! Let me put it as Akshay Version 1 and Version 2 to tell you the scale of the impact I have seen in just one month . Akshay V1:
1. 88.8 kg
2. 36 plus waist
3. Nice round tummy
4. Tired all day .. sleepy by 9 pm .. struggling to wake up even after 8 hrs of sleep
5. Irregular bowel moment. I used to go to the loo at odd times with no pattern.
6. No flexibility. Couldnt sit for more than 10 min on the floor.
7. Continously growing fatter and not control over food.
30 days later....
Akshay V2:
1. 81.8 kg
2. Around 34 inches or less
3. Flatter tummy
4. Feel really active . Surprised when i dont feel sleepy till 12 and 6 hrs sleep is enough
5. One round in morning .. Next round only after 24 hrs!
6. Can bend much more than before . Body is using muscles it had forgotten it had!
7. Clearly losing weight each passing day . My craving for unhealthy food has nearly gone.
8. I will practice yoga and healthy eating all my life now.
You may be tempted to ask "tell us the secret" but all we did was simply following everything that Umesh sir told us and executing . By trusting him we have done the unthinkable and its changed every aspect of our health and fitness. And I am sure in the coming months things will only get better! Ofcourse you must do everything with dedication and avoid a lot of temptation which is only in your hands!And not to forget the support and patience from your spouse and family towards your drastic change of lifestyle. But I am really grateful that we met Umesh sir and assure him we will follow all we have learnt all our lives. Earlier I used to believe like most of us that my weight is not in my hands this belief has been shattered. My body is in my control with their are no shortcuts. With yoga and healthy eating you are the master of your mind and body and nobody can take that away from you. --- Akshay.

Firstly, I feel really gratified to be penning down my own weight loss journey, which I thought would be highly unlikely.Mentioning it as a mere weight loss journey would be a pure understatement as it brought down a complete physical as well as a psychological change over me.
To summarize my journey in one line -
A weight loss of 82 to 66 kg in just 4 months.
I earlier had numerous attempts over Jogging and Gymming as my corporate life had started taking its toll. None of them seemed to be working as I used to get too worn out and tired for the rest of the day. It was a never ending cycle where my weight was either constant or increasing.
Yoga gave me all the solutions to my problems through Soham. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but wanted to try out at all means. I started experiencing immediate results from the first week of my practice .
The three main aspects of my weight loss were - Yoga ,Dieting and Brisk walking.
I had daily follow ups on my diet and the plan seemed to fetch results quickly and effectively. The main challenge for me was to remove rice from my daily diet since it had been my staple food for a long time,but the results seemed to be really motivating and it was really worth the skip.
Slowly and steadily,I started loving my body because of the flexibility and strength I was gaining.The yogic practices also gave me a strong psychological change as I started feeling more focused and stress-free throughout the day.
Now at this point,I feel surprised and gratified to have lost around 16 kg in a span of 4 months.Yoga now has become such an integral part of my lifestyle having brought out a huge positive impact. This journey has given me a lot of confidence and would constantly be a source of inspiration for the rest of the attempts in my life.
I would like to sign off with a note for Mr.Umesh-
Thank you so much for constantly guiding and motivating me throughout the transformation. I consider this journey as the first big stride of success in my newly transformed life and I feel humbled to have spent time with someone who is striving to create a positive impact on the society. I really enjoyed your insights and thoughts on life during the daily practices which really set up the day for me.
I would love to be in constant touch with you to enhance and enrich my practices.
Best Regards, --- Pravin.

A woman is known by her body, not by mind!
Once you realize this, you will feel the urge to keep your body in shape.
To let you agree more, I would share what a great Yogacharya once quoted - “If God resides in my body, then my body is a Temple.
And if my body is a temple; How do I afford to keep this temple unhealthy and unclean?”
Gives you points to ponder isn't it?
I think I have talked much about the forces that drove me to Soham Yog Studio; nevertheless I would always love to share the thrilling weight-loss experience I had with my Guru, my Sir - whom you all know by different names…and whatever his expertise and guidance has taught me can never be described in words. I might sound overwhelmed, but this is the state I am currently in after losing 12 kgs in just two months time. I feel I have started living my life - that I had forgotten after my kid was born. I was awefully caught in the cycle of job - home - kid, till Yog freed me :) My heart escapes a beat when I find my clothes sizes being literally brought to smaller ones! Sir has made me believe in the fact that weight is just a number that can be shed with just pure dedication and faith in your body and the Yog processes you are made a part of.
He actually gave me the challenges I could not refuse, but agree till I shed around 7 kgs in a month! Perhaps following a sensible diet aids 60% to weight-loss regime.Quite miraculously Yog minimizes your food cravings as well. These two months were far more than a magic for me, when I just blindly followed Sir's instructions and nothing else.
I honestly implore you to put your self-analytical urges to the shelf and join the “self-realization” - finding the “I AM THAT” journey without much questions or poking thoughts. Believe me, the moment you want to see the change, it will BE in front of you by all means! And while you are in the process, don't complain about the pain, rather ENJOY it and rejoice that as you have accepted Yog, Yog too has accepted you! I would repeat Soham Yoga Studio's tag line here - Happy Healing! See you healthy – See you soon! --- Sunanda.

I wanted to share my experience with Soham Yoga Studios and Umesh Sir over the past 8 months. Prior to joining Soham I was suffering from frequent stiffness and pain in my neck and was also overweight. I was desperate for transitioning to a healthy lifestyle but was skeptical of the power of yoga to help me achieve this. However, my 8 months of association with Umesh Sir has increased my overall well being enormously. I have lost 14 kilos during this period, feel more energetic throughout the day and my recurrent neck pain is completely gone.
The 1 hour spent practicing yoga and pranayam in the morning leaves me better prepared for the entire day. Umesh Sir has not only influenced me and my wife in terms of our physical well being through his meticulous yoga instructions but has also helped us be more conscious about our dietary habits.
Both me and my wife are very grateful to Soham yoga studios and both Umesh Sir and Anu Ma'm for having changed our perspective and approach to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.
Regards, --- Subir.

I joined Umesh Sir’s yoga class just with an intention to lose some extra kgs before my wedding to look perfect in my wedding dress. And, I just had 1.5 month time with me to loose these extra kilos which I had put up during my IT job. I used to be a person who believed in extreme hard exercises and workout in gym for hours will only help to lose weight. With this same belief, I had joined gym for 6 months but my weight did not even decreased by 1 kg. I started believing that I have this body type which will not lose weight so easily. Later, I heard about Soham Yoga Studio from one of my friend. As I had tried gym already now I had to try this option too. This was actually impossible thing to me but I still thought to give it a try. After 1.5 month of Yoga sessions and proper healthy diet, here I am... with a properly toned body by weight loss of 5 kgs in just 1.5 month. This makes me believe that weight loss is possible with Yoga if you have right instructor and if you take right diet. This diet never included things like staying hungry for hours and skipping meals. It was just a replacement of better food options. I am very thankful to Umesh Sir and his wife, Anu Maam who have guided me in this 1.5 months for weight loss as well as for glowing skin. I have not only achieved the weight loss but also found the healthy way of life. --- Yogita.

I joined yoga two years ago but was never regular nor my approach towards it was serious. This year I made resolution to overcome my weight issue. I had guilt of being overweight because of which I had spoiled my health. I said to myself "that is enough, I need to change myself and that too for myself".
I have now lost 10 KGs and that too in very shorter time and my dreams have come true. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Umesh sir and Anu madam for their coaching. I look and feel great. --- Poonam.

During pregnancy my weight increased by 14 KG due to hormonal imbalance. I lost almost 5 Kg in two months time. My cramps during periods reduced considerably after in few months of Yoga practice. Thanks to Soham Yoga Studio --- Priyanka.

I joined Soham Yoga Studio mainly for weight loss. By regular Yoga practice and proper diet as suggested and advised by our instructor Anu, I lost 7 kg in 3.5 month only. Diet plan given is also very simple to follow and does not keep anyone on starving. Size of regular clothes for me has gone down from 28-30 inches waist to 26 inches. I am very happy with the results as it has also made me fitter. I have noticed that Yoga and Pranayama have made me calmer and more patient than I used to be. Though I have done lot many activities in the past like jogging , swimming , dancing , and kick boxing but I feel that regular Yoga is the most beneficial of all if you want stay fit. --- Riddhi.

I lost 6 kg in less than two months. I do see inch loss on shoulders , waist , and belly areas. There is also reduction in the dark circles under eyes. I feel lot better now a days. Thank you Sir. --- Sapana.

I have been practising Yoga for last 5 months and it has truly enhanced my health & personality. Now I feel more positive and confident. I have achieved almost 15kg weight loss along with noticeable inch loss. Also I had a knee ligament injury, yoga has helped me in 100 percent recovery too. --- Sujata.

I am mother of two kids and after pregnancy I put on weight and that was causing heel and back pain problem. My wrong food habits and sedentary lifestyle resulted into hormonal imbalance. I was under impression that Yoga won’t help in weight loss. But I thought of giving a try once. I followed instruction given by Umesh Sir and within a month I lost 3 kg. I feel that yoga not only helps in weight loss but I got inch–losses, awareness , relaxed mind and strength too. As if it is turning point in my life. It is equally important to have good yoga instructor to guide properly. Diet session given by Anu mam also proved to be helpful in this. I am happy to wear my earlier clothes which seemed tight after weight issue.
Here is short summary of what I achieved:
»Weight Loss and Inch Loss
»Relief from frequent cold issues
»Relief from heel and back pain
»Correction in diet
»Glowing and charming face
»Relief from my acidity

I feel overall that I am growing younger now. With other factors of life say air, water , shelter etc., I feel yoga is also integral part of life because now I can realize its importance in my life. I am thankful to god for giving me such opportunity and I thank Soham Yoga Studio for changing my life. --- Deepali.

Regular practise of yoga and proper diet has helped me to lose 3 KG in 1 month. Yoga has not only given me weight loss but also proper discipline in life. Yoga postures, pranayama and meditation have taught me to live in the present, in each moment and to be content just by simply being. Yoga has made me strong and given me more energy. --- Rashmi.

I am a long distance runner. Usually runners are advised to be underweight so that the knees are usually strong enough to withstand the weight of the body. I had tried all different ways to reduce weight, like doing intense running and increase heart rate while running. It helped to reduce just few grams of weight. After joining Soham Yoga Studio and listening to food control talks during yoga classes, I was introduced to a specific diet (as suggested) , I was able to reduce around 4 KGs during six days. Earlier I was 84.5 KG and now I am around 80 KG. I find big difference in running now. The difference is like earlier I used carry a 2 KG weight on both the hands while running while now I don’t need them. Running has become a little more efficient and wear and tear on my knees is little lesser. I was not starving or fasting during this sessions and not even feeling weaker as well. --- R. Veeraraghavan.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress

It has only been four months since I joined Soham Yoga Studio. But the changes that I am beginning to see in myself, both physically and mentally, are unparalleled to anything that I have experienced before. This is not my first tryst with yoga. I did try joining two different yoga classes before. However looking at the long list of physical issues that I suffered from, they refused to help me.
Few of my issues were:
»Knee Pain
I came close to being paralysed a couple of years ago when the lymphatic system of left leg was not working efficiently. The fact that I was operated for seven times and later got broken stitches (Wound rupture /dehiscence) made matters worse. Now four months after I began practising yoga, I have managed to lose 5 KGs. About 90% of my problems have been dealt with. Umeshji, my yoga teacher, has supported me mentally in my endeavour to improve my mental health and hence overcome depression. The sleeping and depression pills that I was consuming for years in order to help me deal with insomnia and depression have also been left behind. I think I was addicted to them, but not anymore. I have stopped my sleeping and depression medication. I feel that my mental health has improved by leaps and bounds. I am now a lot more cheerful and feel calm and positive at all times. I now feel ALIVE. I thanks to both Sir and M’am with all my heart for supporting me at a time when others refused to do so. I probably would not have been able to do it all alone. --- Jyoti.


You have been such an inspiring light in my life and over the past few months, you have changed my lifestyle. Because of you, yoga has become an integral part of my life...something that I can always turn to and something that I will always have. When I began attending Soham Yoga Studio’s classes just 3–4 months ago, I noticed that the quality of my practice changed; it became more mindful and focused. I also noticed that I was willing to challenge myself thanks to Umesh's ability to create a healthy, fun environment. I feel lucky to have found such a talented and generous teacher.
I am suffering from Cholesterol problem since last 2 years. Before joining Soham Yoga class the cholesterol reading was 388. I am surprised to see the cholesterol reading going down so fast in last 3–4 months. The current count is 190.
Your teaching is truly inspirational. Thank you for all I learned, you managed to make one of the most inactive people around excited to not only exercise but find balance in an otherwise kaleidoscopic world. --- Santosh.


I would like to thank my Yoga guru for giving me guidance on resolving chronic sinus problem through jal niti and pranayam. I am 40 and I had this problem since my school days.I had problem from weather changes and temperature changes and I used to sneeze a lot in the morning ond night.
I had consulted many doctors in kanpur, indore, Pune and even in USA. Every doctor said I had deviated septum and i need surgery but I never did it. I had taken many types of tablets, nasal creams, and many costly nasal spray. I consulted in Sahyadri and Zahangir hospital in pune but of no use. My sinus was slowly turning into Asthma and I even took the test of Angiography because of increasing breathing problems and I was surviving on Asthalin, Levolin and Budacort inhaler.
I took medicines of homeopathy and ayurveda doctors too and even went for Panchkarma, but of no use. Panchakarma and Nasyam solved my stomach problem and gave me good energy but for Sinus but no use. Every consultation helped me for small time period. I consulted Dr. Hambiray in Pune and he said to try yoga.
Finally I met yoga guru and did yoga strictly for 3 months w/o questioning and also did jal niti every alternate day, by God’s grace I am perfectly ok. So thanks to Umesh sir.
Believe in yoga and believe in you that is what I want to say.
Thanks --- Rajeev.

Diabetes, Migraine

Note: Prof. Iyer asked to put his handwritten testimonial and his report on the website so that people having issues like him can be inspired and motivated to practice yoga and get benefited from it. Soham Yoga Studio appreciates and respects person like him who contributes towards society this much. CLICK HERE for his handwritten testimonial and CLICK HERE for his medical reports.

Our very dear Umeshji,
We are pleased to inform you that under your excellent yoga coaching and personalized health mentoring, our physical health and mindset have improved extraordinarily.
Just received the diabetic report which shows perfect level of BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and HbA1c. Report is enclosed. Also sending a soft copy. The weight loss exceeds 5 KGs. Since it is gradual, it is permanent. Chronic migraine of 25 yrs has substantially reduced in frequency and intensity.
As a couple aged 62 and 58 yrs, who have undergone multiple surgeries and are afflicted with diabetes (15 yrs), and BP, you have customized several innovative methods with so much of expertise and sincerity that we will never be able to convey our gratitude in this lifetime. Regards --- Prof. PNN Iyer and Mrs. Iyer

Hello Sir,
It was a nice experience joining your yoga class. I had a great time. I am obliged for the help that I have got from your yoga classes. It has helped me in controlling my migraine problem, as before joining the class, I used to take tablets daily to deal with headache. Now, I am really happy to say that I have not taken a single dose in the past six months. Also I have been able to reduce my weight . But apart from these changes, yoga has helped me feel good and happy day in and day out. I can say now that yoga has impact on my thoughts and my life. I will continue this to my whole life. Main improvement that I would like to mention that the diet told by you helped me a lot to overcome my skin problem too. Diet suggested by you has improved my skin to a good extent.
I am extremely thankful to you and yoga for this big change of my life.
Thanks you sir. Your student --- Dhanamma

Before starting yoga, I usually had symtomes such as weakness, fatigue and depression and in the evening, anxiety. There used to be backpain and low back pain. Body would be lethargic and there was no interest left in doing any activity. I tried all known solutions in Alopathy and Homeopathy but in vein. I did get relief from them but was never recovered from my issues. Then I joined yoga. Within two months of practicing, of course “regularly and sincerely”, I started seeing results. Anu madam suggested proper diet changes and it resulted in feeling energetic whole day. Yogasana helped in backpain and low back pain relief. Pranayama helped me remain calm. Being pre–diabetic person, my major concern was my sugar problem. My all other issues were linked to my sugar problem. Anu madam guided me well and because of proper diet, regular yoga practice and now I have overcome my sugar problem. Three months before my HbA1c report was 6 and now I am at 5.1. I am leading sugar free and happy life now :). Initially my weight loss was not much and I lost from 71kg to 68kg. It might be due to the high sugar level I used to have. But after giving up all kinds of sugars (direct and indirect both), my weight has come down to 62 kg. I am really very happy about it. Not only weight but I have witnessed sufficient inch losses as well.
Yoga, balanced diet and lifestyle have changed my life forever.
Thanks to Soham Yoga Studio. --- Bhumika.

Thyroid Level

I entered the class with bunch of issues such as PCOD, thyroid and related issues for which I was consuming Ayurvedic medicine. About a month into the class, I decided to stop consuming medicine and try to solve my issues with Yoga. It has been 4 months since I last had medicine and I am happy I do not face any side effects.My thyroid level has come down from 6.87 to 5.62 in one month. I was on ayurvedic medicine before that but stopped medicine since last month and still could bring it to normal range. My determination to lead a healthy and medicine free life has increased now, thanks to regular Yoga classes. --- Pavithra.

Ovarian Cysts (PCOD/PCOS), Infertility

I was diagnosed with PCOD and due to high of dosage of medicine given to me when I was in USA I got few more problems like Breathing difficulty, Shivering. I was trying to conceive from past 2 years and was not succeed. Then I decided to join YOGA and joined Soham Yoga 1 1/2 month back. I followed what ever Mr. Umesh Dwivedi(Yoga Sir) teaches and even followed the exact diet he suggested. I was never asked to starve but always mentioned to eat healthy. Mrs. Dwivedi conducts diet sessions where she gives us lots of healthy choice to eat and even mentions what not to eat. After doing yoga I get lots of energy to do rest of my work and even I feel very peaceful and stress relief.
Yoga has become a part of my life.
I am posting this message to all those women whoever suffering with PCOD or any other problem go and get cured with the best medicine and for sure guarantee results called yoga. Mr. and Mrs. Dwivedi are really doing great job by helping people with their classes. --- Supriya.

I remember, I fell down from a train a day before I joined the class, and I was about to defer the decision of joining, but rather I decided to give it a try and I am more than glad to have gone the other way.
Last 8 months have been amazing !
I was diagnosed with PCOD in 2009 and was suffering even before that. Having tried all kind of treatments, multiple visits to some eminent doctors I had given up on it and joined Yoga with zero expectations. Now, I realize it's not just PCOD that I got rid off but Yoga has brought the transformation, I will be forever grateful to. And I am thankful to Sir and Ma'am for every bit of this transformation. The journey was long but something I will cherish always.
It all started with the simple diet changes suggested by Sir; I lost around 8kgs in first 4 months(60 to 52) and the weight has been constant since then. I would not have imagined my life without rice or pani-puri before 8 months, but now I am surprised how I watch everything I eat. Diet, I think it's more important to get the knack of what works for our body. It may take a time to understand, but it's worth it for sure. The concept of a food diary is indeed very well executed. Not to forget, how even minute details of different people with various problems are kept an eye on and being corrected. Diet, Yoga, and Walk in the evening have become an integral part now. Here I am, with no more multiple cysts and bulky ovaries.
I am thankful to Ma'am for the very informative Diet and PCOD sessions, which brought the clarity of many things. Especially, the Diet session was very useful. Also, special thanks for the recipes on the website, they are the saviors.
Dealing with PCOD had just become impossible for me. Abnormal or heavy periods, fatigue, stress and so many other things it had accompanied. It was not only doing damage to my health but to my confidence as well. I had consulted many doctors for the same, but none gave solutions. I was prescribed the so-called medication which never treated or cured the cause.
Apart from PCOD, the psychological changes are something I am amazed by. Yoga, without a doubt, is one of the best things happened to me. It is not just exercise, asanas, postures; it has changed my perception of many things. The positivity that I feel at the end of the class is something I can't describe in words. I joined Yoga when I was going through probably one of the worst phases on the personal front. I am grateful for all the peace, patience, and calmness it brought to my wandering mind.
My key takeaways from class :
1. Patience is the key.
2. Diet acts as a catalyst between lifestyle and exercise.
3. It's crucial to know the underlying cause of any disease/problem, to cure it.
4. I have seen some people in the class, never miss a class. Their determination and vibe are astonishing. I feel inspired.
5. Shavasana is probably the toughest asana.
6. Our mind and physical body should work in sync.
7. Yoga is not about physical activity but about knowing yourself, being aware and thoughtful.
To Umesh Sir and Anu Ma'am, my deepest thanks for all your guidance, encouragement and time. You both have brought the awesomeness, I believe, not only in my life but in many more lives. I wish you all the very best. I would like to continue this endeavor until my time in Pune or at least to the time I will be able to do the Friday Flow seamlessly !! --- Pooja D.

Although a complete believer in the saying 'Health is Wealth', but even a few months back I was not in possession of this wealth. That is to say I had been suffering from a long list of ailments namely, PCOD, PIVD (more commonly known as slip disc problem), migraine, being overweight, complete lack of energy, nasal congestion. This undoubtedly dragged down the quality of life to a miserable extent. Being naturally concerned about my health, I joined the gym with the idea of exercises that would do well for me. Subsequently I also joined swimming to get rid of the severe backache. I also changed my regular diet and picked up on a daily walking schedule. While all of this was effective to an extent, it failed to provide me the complete relief and desired results that my health badly needed. Moreover I also started having some knee pain because of the brisk walking that I had started with.
Individually each of the health issues had its own series of cascading effects but would like to share in particular the problem of PCOD that resulted in tremendous pain in my lower abdomen accompanied with fever, falling unconscious, bad cramps, menstrual migraine, gaining of weight and horrible mood swings (which people around me were absolutely unwilling to put up with) This prolonged for every 15 days per month. So just to calculate the maths of it, I kept unwell for half the year just because of my PCOD problem. So as anyone would suggest I visited the doctors. However neither popping of allopathic pills nor homeopathy medicines came to my rescue. This problem related to infertility added further to my anxiety when I got married. Since I had already tried out most of the treatments, I was at a complete loss as to how could I be cured of my problems.
Finally, I happened to attend one of the health corporate sessions facilitated by Dr.Umesh Dwivedi at my office. Listening to him, I gained some initial confidence that 'Yoga' might be an answer to my health problems. Although not fully sure of it I joined his classes. What followed was, that i started to enjoy the classes, the body and muscle pain, becoming aware of the successes of the other yoga members in getting themselves cured. Being regular with my classes, in few weeks time I started improving a lot in terms of regaining my energy levels, getting relived of my migraine and backache and also shedding off some weight. Most importantly, I am very pleased to share my success in overcoming my PCOD problem and have conceived our first child.
I along with my husband have completed almost a year's Yoga practice with Soham Yoga Studio. During this, Mrs.Anu Dwivedi's diet consultations and sessions on PCOD, Sir's Jalneti session and overall classes where he motivates everyone in performing Yoga postures with awareness and concentration brought about big changes in our lifestyle. I would sincerely like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Dr.Dwivedi and Mrs.Anu Dwivedi for showing us the way to a healthier life and helping us to 'LIVE LIFE' and not drag on with it. Thank you Sir and Mam !!
Warm regards,
--- Roshni

After getting married we started trying for Baby after 2 years, but I have been diagnosed with Polycystic on left Ovary and cyst of 3.3 * 2.5 mm on right Ovary, also I was having lot of back pain and lower abdomen pain at the time of periods.
I have consulted at least 3 Gynaecologist in last 2 years. Doctor had given me below solutions.
»Birth control pills for many weeks and months to get a rid of my cyst, but no result.
»Laparoscopy to puncture the cyst, (Without any Guarantee of recurrence )
We have consulted our Family Doctor to take final decision about the laparoscopy, he said surgery is not the solution to remove the cyst, But its result of hormonal imbalance. So we have decided not to do laparoscopy.
Then my husband told me about ’SOHAM YOGA’ and I had joined yoga classes 4 month back , During first month itself I started feeling better and better, my back pain went away completely. I have followed proper Diet which Mr Umesh Dwivedi and Anu Madam given me in diet session, they are checking my diet notebook everyday and making right corrections as per requirements.
They told me to Follow 3 things properly for 3 months, which actually changed my life.
»1 hour Yoga Practice in morning, 45 mins walk in evening with 3-4 Asanas and Pranayam.
»Following proper diet as per instructions
»Changes in lifestyle
After following it I have done Ultra Sonography and it was a magical day for me, there was no Cyst and PCOD found in any ovary. I can’t express my feelings of that day. It was one of the wonderful day in my life. Due to busy lifestyle and stress, lot of woman facing this problem, but they are not aware of solution of the problem is available with them only. They are searching the solution outside and changing the doctors. Every Gynaecologist knows the cause and solution mention above to get rid of cyst but unfortunately they are not giving right advice to the patience and playing with their emotions for the business. I Sincerely Thank Mr Umesh Sir and Anu Madam for all the help they have extended to me to get rid of my PCOD and increasing my confidence level. I will say they are real Doctors for me.
I will recommend all my friends to join SOHAM YOGA to get cured without any medicine and with 100% guarantee which even Doctors are not giving. --- Suhasini.

I still remember the way I lived life 10 months back and the way I do now. I have seen remarkable change in my lifestyle, my way of thinking, my health. Thanks to yoga.
There are people with lots of health issues and even went through such phase. I still remember I stayed awake at nights worrying about my problem of uncertainty I was facing in my menstrual cycle. I visited doctors, spent lots of money in various tests and its treatments but all in vein. I finally ended up doing yoga practice regularly and in just around 10 months by now, I find myself perfectly well and surprisingly got rid of my all issues as well. I am living really a healthy life now.
It is not just the weight loss that we see through yoga. In fact I did see 9 Kg of weight loss on me though it was never my primary goal as such. When I really engrossed myself into yoga, I realized that it is something beyond just weight loss. It is an art of living life and it reflect on every corner like the way look at the things with different perception, the change you see in your confidence and stamina and so on. I really see a positive change in me and I am really happy about it.
Initially I did see resistance from my family side when I told them about my interest in learning yoga but now they are happy too looking at my results. I had loads of issues such as irregular and abnormal periods, stomach aches along with body pain. It had made my life very painful and dull. After joining yoga, I followed advised diet, regular yoga practice, daily evening walk. All these changed my life from painful to joyful life.
I really owe a lot to yoga and to my yoga gurus. My time in the class is the best time I utilize and enjoy and I am glad to have very good yoga teachers to guide me. They are inspiration for me and they have potential to bring change in someones’ life.
Thanks a lot to yoga. --- Sushma.

I was diagnosed ovarian Cyst and doctor suggested to do surgery as soon as possible. But I started taking up homoeopathy medicine and daily did Yoga. Doctor expected half year for cyst to dissolve but after 2-3 months of practice report showed no cyst. Doctors were very surprised and I think yoga was the best medicine for me. After doing yoga just for a couple of days I felt difference in morning back-pain also reduced and in 2 months pain was completely gone. Besides that I lost 3 kg in 2 months time, yoga increased my stamina. Thanks to Soham Yoga Studio for teaching yoga. --- Edita.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Pcod . I have consulted with two Gynaecologist for next two years. Then I started taking up Ayurvedic medicine, but no positive result. Then my husband suggested me to join yoga class and I joined soham yoga studio. I followed proper diet, daily walk for 45 minutes and asanas which Mr. Umesh Dwivedi (Sir) taught us. After doing yoga, within couple of days, I started feeling better, positive and energetic. At the end of the third month, I took another report of PCOD test.My report was completely normal, no cysts in the ovaries and also thyroid was within normal range. It was one of the happiest day in my life. Almost 4 years of struggle, now I am cured with Pcod through yoga. If in case I would absent in the calss for any reason, I used to make sure I practice at home. I sincerely thank to Umesh Sir and Anu Mam for their guidance and support to get rid of my Pcod. They are doing great job by helping people to solve their health issues. I strongly recommend all the women suffering from Pcod to join yoga class and get rid of your problem naturally. --- Shilpa.

I was diagnosed with mild PCOD in 2013. Over the next 2.5 years, I tried losing weigh by walking, joining the gym etc, but nothing seemed to work. As a result, I used to feel really low, and also had frequent mood swings. One of my friends suggested the Soham Yoga studio. After talking to Mr. & Mrs Dwivedi, I decided to join their Yoga classes. In 2 months, I’ve seen a drastic change in myself. I lost 3 kilos in the very first month. At the end of the second month, when I went for a PCOD test, my report was completely normal; no cysts in the ovaries, no bulky ovaries. I have become very conscious of what I eat, and now I strive towards eating healthy food all the time. My mood swings have also reduced considerably and I feel more confident and positive about myself. I’d like to encourage all women who have PCOD to give Yoga a chance, you’ll see the difference in yourself very soon! I’d also like to thank Mr. & Mrs Dwivedi for making a sincere effort for making people’s lives better through yoga. --- Sona.

For last 2 years I was suffering from Hypothyroid. Four months before I got know that I am having PCOD as well. While surfing I came across "Soham Yoga Studio". I read article written by Sir on the issue and I decided to join Yoga.With the help of suggested Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation , I was able to reduce weight by 6 kg. My recent PCOD report has come normal and also thyroid is in controllable limit. Thanks to Soham yoga Studio and thanks to Yoga. --- Priti Jadhav.

I have been practising Yoga for last 5 months and it has truly enhanced my health & personality. Now I feel more positive and confident. It has fixed my PCOD. It has increased my concentration, strength and stamina as well. I take this forum to pass my hearty thanks to Umesh sir & Anu madam for their support, guidance & encouragement. Now I am more determined to live a healthy and medicine free life. Thanks to Soham Yoga Studio. --- Sujata.

Autoimmune and skin related issues (Rashes , Psoriasis etc.)

I wish to express my gratitude to you for helping me solving my heath problems. As you know, I have sensitive skin and have tanning all over, including face. After coming to your Soham Yoga Studio and practising yoga, I have seen lot of improvement in my skin which I did not get by other medical treatment including allopathy, homoeopathy, and even ayurvedic. Now tanning is going fainter day by day, though slowly but constantly.
Apart from this, my earlier cervical spondylitis issue is also no more now. In addition, diet suggested by you about what to eat and what to avoid has lead me feel lighter these days and happy equally. --- Dr. Bhawana.

I was suffering with Psoriasis for many years and found no solution despite trying out all options and therapies. Umesh advised me do yoga for which I was little reluctant that how come yoga can help in it. But after total failure in other therapies, I thought of giving a shot in this. I followed Psoriasis specific diet changes for few months and also yoga pranayama. To my surprise I started seeing results from the first month itself and in couple of months I was totally out of my issue.
Not only that I am totally out of my issue but as Psoriasis is known for its recurring characteristics, I have not seen any recurring of spots in past more than a year.
Thanks to Soham Yoga Studio. Yoga certainly gives amazing results, we need faith and patience to wait for the results even if it need waiting period of few months. --- Manoj , Mumbai.

I don’t have words to thank Umesh on the benefits and outcomes that I have got through Yoga and diet plans suggested by him. I have been training Yoga under Umesh last 2 years. I work as a software Delivery Manager in a large MNC and I lead a team of 100s of software developers and leads. I am able to manage my time well and I am able to maintain a very cool state of mind now. This has made me to perform better than before, anywhere. I was also able to overcome a life time auto immune disease through Umesh’s diet suggestions and I got the confidence now that I can overcome anything in life, through will power and diet plans. I got rashes all over my body and it got aggravated and I was not comfortable to wear my normal clothes, oozing… foul smell...very tough situation. I took all types of medical treatments and I did not see any positive results. Umesh suggested diet options and I did that for the recommended period, not easy though :). I was able to recover from the ailment permanently. Any ailment (physical, mental or behavioural) can be cured through yoga, diet and will power… that’s what I have learnt and seen by practising under Umesh. Many thanks to Umesh and Soham Yoga Studio for their service to people and society. Its remarkable. --- Satya.


As every IT professional, me too got into the habit of relying more on junk food and sleeping late. These occasional disturbances in the sleeping schedule, slowly started becoming a routine, and eventually led to a stage which could be tagged as ‘Insomnia’. The condition worsened such that it lead me to be on a regular dosage of medicines for getting a decent 2–3 hours of sleep. Soham yoga studio, happened just by chance (thanks to the banner that they had put up!!). I am really grateful to Umesh and Anu (and of course THE YOGA practice!!) who helped me get over the medicines completely. Yoga, not only helps you keep physically fit, but is as well very important for leading a stress free balanced life. At Soham, one not only learns on asanas, and the pranayam techniques, but also you get a bonus on the occasional tit bits from the real life examples and positivity talks which Umesh generously shares. Not to miss on, the Diet session by Anu, is an extra perk. It’s all about making small changes in your lifestyle to lead the life in style!! --- Jiya

Addiction Recovery

When I came to inquire about yoga class at soham studio, I was overweight bulk of 85 kg , emotionally disturbed searching for solution. I used to smoke heavily around 3 to 4 packs a day that becomes 30 to 40 sticks a day!! I was constantly in restless state of mind and not knowing about what I am doing. Sir guided me about how to quit smoking. Yogasana taught by sir helped me to build awareness. It helped me in return to ask question to myself every time I lit a stick, why am I doing this. Such awareness is built by constant practice of yoga. Pramayam helped me to improve breathing and control my heart rate. With this change, I can now carry on my passion of trekking. I have completed some hardcore treks and rock climbings. My weight is also under control now (71kg). Thanks to sir for bringing my life back.!! --- Rahul

Constipation , Acidity and Piles

I had joined Umesh Sir’s class at Kharadi with many problems regarding my health. But honestly, I had joined the class with an intention to try and lose some weight because that was the only thing which everyone could see outside, hoping I could do something about it.. but the many many additional bonuses that I got apart from achieving my weight loss target is something that is unbelievable.
I was suffering from severe piles problem which I had developed because of my food habits and my lifestyle and it was getting unbearable. It used to make me feel sick and I literally used to dread my morning time and also the time when I had to sit for long. My digestive system could hardly digest any food that I ate and the metabolism looked like it just did not exist in my body.
I had tried all the medications available but all they could manage to do was give me some temporary relief which lasted for a very short time and the pain was back again.
Umesh sir suggested many changes in my diet which I implemented very honestly and started practicing yoga under Sir’s guidance. I could feel the changes happening inside my body with every passing day. I had started recovering from my piles problem within the first few days itself and today, here I am, after four months, who has forgotten I ever had piles problem. The food that u eat makes all the difference and with a healthy lifestyle my piles problem has disappeared completely.
My digestive system is in a much much better state now and I feel so good and relieved about it.
Thank you sir for all the guidance and support. Thank you for patiently listening and understanding our problems and helping us overcome it. I am a different person now, both with my mind as well body and I can’t thank you enough for it.
I’m much happier now. And as I keep saying this…YOU ARE OUR MAGICIAN! :)
Thank you sir. --- Vaishnavi.

I was facing issues of constipation since many years. I had also developed fissure and Piles issues. There was lot pain passing tool with bleeding. Because of multiple issues I had sleepless nights. It was impacting my work also. Doctors suggested to go for surgery. I was surviving on Laxatives. After joining Soham Yoga Studio, I was suggested life style change , diet along with Yoga treatment. I am doing yoga for past three months. Results are very good. Constipation issue is reduced to 75 percent. I get good sleep too. There is no bleeding now. Piles are there though they don’t pain. yoga has helped me a lot. I feel very fresh. I strongly recommend Yoga along with lifestyle change for those who share similar issues those of mines. --- K B.

Energy and Calmness

I am extremely grateful for my time at the Soham Yoga studio during my stay in Pune. Umesh and his lovely family were not only excellent yoga instructors but also very helpful and welcoming. I felt that I advanced in yoga more in my time at Soham Yoga in less than two months than ever before. I felt that keeping up with yoga gave me simultaneously more energy and calmness in my daily routines. Having never practiced yoga so regularly, I wholeheartedly recommend taking up classes at Soham Yoga and being regular with them. --- Elina, Helsinki, Finland.

Pre–Post Natal

Following the pregnancy I wanted to find a nice Yoga studio in which I could work on my body and mind slowly and consistently. I came across Soham Yoga online and begun attending the weekly classes. I thought that the rigorous exercise would make me feel exhausted (5 times per week), but in fact I found myself more energised and calm at the same time. My goal through Yoga is not necessarily to lose weight (though, always, it's a welcome bonus), but to try to calm my mind. I'm a generally nervous and restless person, and I find that only Yoga, pranayama and meditation in particular, help me find some peace. Additionally the diet advice has opened my eyes to some new and exotic (for me) recipes, and the exercise has helped strengthen my muscles after pregnancy. I recommend such practice to anyone seeking to work on their patience, peace of mind, and general well-being. --- Lidia, Poland.

Thanks Anuji and Umesh sir,
The benefit i got by Soham yoga studio's prenatal yoga program during my second pregnancy is tremendous.
When compared to my first pregnancy (I am not aware of Soham yoga studio and not doing any yoga), second pregnancy experience is great.
1. Pregnancy weight gain:
1st Pregnancy : Overall my weight gain during pregnancy 20kg and Baby weight more than 3.5kg
2nd Pregnancy: Overall my weight gain during pregnancy 12kg and Baby weight 3kg
2. Swelling and leg cramps:
1st Pregnancy: I had swelling and leg cramps
2nd Pregnancy: No swelling and leg cramps
3.Medical Reports:
1st Pregnancy: High thyroid and Gestational blood sugar level during pregnancy
2nd Pregnancy: All the reports are normal
4. Delivery:
1st Pregnancy : Due to baby weight and other factors c-section was the only option medically
2nd Pregnancy : All good for normal delivery except first delivery is an c-section
Due to prenatal yoga program during pregnancy my health was so great, i was able to work from home till the previous day of my delivery. Maternity leave started from the delivery date.
Started prenatal yoga program from the beginning of the pregnancy and continued till the day before delivery. --- Durga.

I started regularly going to the Yoga sessions from the fifth month of my pregnancey on advise of my husband. The noticeable advantages of Yoga were relief in backache, relatively less swelling and cramps in the legs. Also I felt energetic and active.
Yoga helped in increasing flexibility and my body adapted to the changes with relative ease. --- Sunidhi.

In pregnancy we get different suggestions and opinions on health, exercises and work, but being a regular yoga practitioner ,prenatal yoga was the best choice I made. It kept me going all months and helped in the labour. For all pregnancy worries be it diabetes, hypertension or stress my answer to all was Yoga and Meditation. Thanks to Umesh Sir and Anu mam --- Shuchi.

Big thanks to soham yoga studio for turning impossible to possible.
Tremendous benefits and wonderful results.
I cant thank umesh sir and anu mam enough for this.
I have many teachers, but the two of you who are really the great teachers of my life.
Thanks for showing me so much care and concern.
I will directly list out the benefits I got here
- got rid of PCOD
- weight loss of around 15 kgs in first 3-4 months only
- overall hormonal balance and flexibility
- awareness on healthy diet and positive living
- overall peace of mind and general well being.
pregnancy related
- conception was easy and natural
- though it was a complicated pregnancy in itself I managed to do pre natal yoga for first three months.
I never had any joint pain or any ankle swelling during pregnancy.
- my thyroid and suger levels were so much in control. Even my doctor wondered on the normal suger levels.
- as per umesh sir's training, I continued the breathing exercises thru out the pregnancy that resulted in controlled and normal blood pressure
- it was being a nervous and restless period however yoga helped me stay calm and strong.
Once again... I am and will be really thankful to umesh sir and anu mam throughout my life. --- Sujata Anish.

Varicose veins and Menopausal symptoms

I joined Soham Yoga Studio in March 2012. During menopause I had mood swings , depression and was feeling lazy. Other reason is that my mother passed away. There are certain ailments during certain stages in life and those can be cured only through Yoga. I also did gymming for more than 6 years until I reached 40 years of age. But you can not compare any other activity with Yoga. When I joined Yoga I had following issues:
»Painful Varicose Veins
»Mood Swings
»Shifting location
Now After a year of Yoga practice, I have overcome 80 percent of the issues mentioned above. Young people can see faster result though it was slow in my case. The only thing required is proper guidance and perfect guru to teach Yoga. I am fortunate to have Yoga teachers like Umeshji and Anuji. They are very transparent in what they say, very encouraging and positive. I am able to do many asanas now. There is also a group support of Yoga friends in the class. You feel positive, fresh and confident when you do Yoga. Now weight is also constant and with remarkable inch loss. No issues of water retention or swelling on body. I don’t feel lazy as well. Special thanks and regards to my yoga teachers.

This is my second feedback after a year of above feedback. I would like to tell readers that this is real Sadhana. I used to wear calf supporting stockings for varicose veins. I don’t have pain at all now. Other indirect benefits seen are:
»Biochemical tests showed increased level of Hb , calcium , and decreased level of cholesterol.
»Retention , grasping , and listening capacity increased that helped me further study
»My wardrobe size changed from XL to L
»Positive approach developed towards life
My special thanks to Anu ma’m and Umesh sir for their guidance and support throughout my yoga journey. I would request them to record these postures and benefit to prepare one DVD so that we can practice yoga wherever we are on this earth. It will definitely have personal touch. --- Shilpa.

Back Pain , Neck Pain and Disc Prolapse

My name is Siva and I live in Houston, Texas, USA.
I used to have neck pain problem for more than 2-3 years due to degenerative disease(caused due to several years of working in IT industry) and kept on neglecting it and one day had severe pain in my left arm and got admitted in emergency. I was sent back home with loads and loads of pain killers and nerve pain medications. Later got diagnosed with herniated disc in my neck (C5-C6) from my MRI and asked to go for emergency surgery.
My husband had a friend who referred us to Umesh and after speaking to him I had high hopes and started my treatment immediately. Within 1 week I could see wonderful results as the pain in my left arm started reducing. I couldn't believe what is happening and it is amazing how Yoga can do wonders. Now I am totally out of my left arm pain and my neck pain is also getting reduced day by day.
I am so thankful to GOD and to my husband and his friend ,to have introduced me to Umesh who has shown me the right way for long term cure without any medications and surgery.
My sincere thanks to Umesh for his careful approach to bring me out of the severe pain. I owe my day to day active life to Umesh as he brought me back to my regular routine life.
I had several referrals to Rheumatologist,Neurologist,Pain management doctors and physical therapy. I had cancelled all my appointments and just did my Yoga sincerely and religiously followed Umesh instructions and now I am happy mom who can take care of my two kids and do all my household work and manage my full time job without any issues. --- Siva, USA.

I joined Soham Yoga classes with an intention to ready my body for joining lawn tennis. Being aware that suddenly moving from no physical activity for last couple of years , starting a sport at 32 yrs of age would need a basic fitness level. The routine of exercises by Sir and Ma’am firstly added a lot of discipline and more importantly there was a lot of motivation to come for the class next day. Changed my perception that yoga is meant for light streching .The kind of exercises had varied difficulty levels but Sir/Ma’am have a controlled approach to expose students to higher levels based on individuals body( Tried joining Gym before but never lasted more than few days , it always overkilled body )
2 months , and I could see the changes in my fitness and flexibility a nd motivation to find a focussed time slot for self health improvement. Sir/Ma’am have kept a balance of exercises and aasanas which to me added a relaxing element.
True turnpoint was when I realized I have developed a nerve pinch probably because of wrong lifestyles over the fast couple of years.It came to a situation where bending down was difficult and had all time internal pain from lower spinal cord area on to legs.It worsened over a period of time and the pain was quite bad. Consulted the situation with Sir and he kept a personal eye on the situation and suggested rightful exercises everyday. I kept my bit to be regular to classes.Basic internet research clearly suggested medicines can only kill pain for a while but not fix the cause. Somewhere yoga helped me understand my body better and focus to fix this state.
This testimonial I want to post to firstly share this situation of backpain which I was able to overcome with Yoga and 0 medicine or a single doctor visit when there were situations my family would force a doctor visit for the condition checkup.Thanks to Sir for guiding on this and creating faith and also fellow yoga classmates ( Even though you dont interact with everyone , but to see people with different problems come by and make efforts every day for a better health , motivates better than gym anyday). And a testimonial to faith in Yoga , which makes me feel good about even if this pain comes back or other such thing I can deal with it but with patience.
**PS : All this roller coaster for me in less than 4 months** --- Satadru.

When the stiffness in my neck had began to hinder my everyday life, I knew I needed more than just prescribed pills. I feel blessed to practice yoga under Umesh Sir's guidance.
Everyday his sheer dedication and passion for yoga inspires several like me, to live a healthier life. He made me understand that yoga knows no Saturday or Sunday. His everyday moral insights and diet tips are just some of his added free treats.
Being able to count on him, during any confusion is really special to me and shows, how much he cares for the health of his students.
Today, after having completed more than 6 months with yoga, I cannot thank him enough for encouraging me, to experience a fitter me.
--- Vandana.

I've been learning Yoga from Umesh for over a year now. In the past 10 years I practiced with high quality teachers both in India and overseas, and I can say that he's one of the best both for practical teaching and knowing how to address your unique issues. As with most people in the tech industry, I was starting to get intermittent back aches and shoulder pain. With regular sessions in the past year my pain has completely disappeared; Umesh also taught several unique postures which help prevent recurrence of the root problem. Another insight which I appreciated was about prayanama techniques which by itself has the power to prevent most ailments.
Having gone through a rough patch with back injury himself, his understanding of spinal and cervical issues is outstanding... he's able to instantly recognize what needs to be done.
I also have much better understanding of the science behind Yoga and the motivation to practice everyday.
I highly recommend him as a teacher for every Yoga enthusiast, regardless of age and whether or not you have a problem to fix! --- Sriram.

I wanted to share my experience/ feedback for a long time but did not wanted to do it for namesake. So here it is
Shortcut to getting fit never works and I learnt it hard way. In order to get fit faster, I followed few workouts on Youtube and in the process hurt my lower back. I developed Sciatic nerve pain as well. Back pain was really bad and nerve pain was there all the time. I was very worried about how I was going to spend my rest of the life. I was not in favor of showing to Orthopedic doctor as nowadays medical profession has become very commercial.
That is when Yoga came to my mind and luckily I found Soham Yoga Studio.
After discussing the problem with Umesh sir, he recommended few exercises for everyday. I made a point to follow the instructions blindly and did the asanas with full awareness. Yoga, proper diet and regular walk have made huge difference in my health. My sciatic nerve pain is gone, back pain problem has reduced by 75% and I am sure it will go away completely. Yoga has helped me improve my health, stamina and flexibility. I have also lost 11 kgs in 7 months. Patience, dedication, discipline and awareness are the key things.
Yoga has become an integral part of my lifestyle. I would say that I am lucky to find Umesh sir as Yoga teacher.
Thank you sir for helping me overcome my health issues, motivating and guiding me through this journey. It is not just the physical transformation but also had the psychological change. The experiences that sir shares during the classes made me realize importance of work life balance, how to reduce stress and be a better person.
I had joined the class with the intention of fixing my back problem but I have gained much more than that... "A Healthy Life". --- Vinod.

Pain on my lower back which radiated through left limb even after surgery has been reduced drastically after practising Yoga. Total relief from L1 and L2 pain. Practice Pranayama gives permanent relief from hiccups which I had earlier.Other benefits like relief from acidity, Stress and increased patience --- V Balamurali.

Though I have been practising yoga for many years, accidentally I injured myself and was diagnosed for disc prolapse. I visited many known hospitals and doctors but in vein. Eventually I could cure myself through more practice of yoga and pranayama. Now I can do many complex asana and even after sitting long hours in my job , I find myself totally fit. Yoga has given me a new life and that is how we started Soham Yoga Studio --- Umesh.

Knee Pain , Heel Pain

I was very fortunate to attend Soham yoga classes for the two months which i could before moving to Singapore. Even though the last few days of stay in Pune were very stressful and hectic due to all the packing and other related work i made it a point to attend the yoga class in the morning as it helped me work efficiently throughout the day with less fatigue and I really enjoyed listening to the small easy tips Anuji gave in the class for healthy lifestyle. The major benefit apart from stress relief and a better lifestyle was reduction in my heel pain.For last many years i could not step on the floor barefoot once I got up in the morning but now I can do that my back pain has also reduced by around 80% and I can feel some relief in my knee pain too. I am really grateful to Anuji who helped me make some easy amends in my my daily routine for a healthy and more active lifestyle. --- Vibha , Singapore.

Thanks to your guideed yoga therapy. First time in 4 years I had a pain free knee this winter. Apart from the therapy itself, it is also your consistant motivation which helped me achieve the same result. My knee is much improved and so is my body as whole.
When I came to your class everything comes to a halt and I just relax, clear my mind and enjoy.
Thank you so much for helping me to staty fir and healthy.
Heartfelt thanks for teaching us and being so patient with us.
Wishing you the very best this special day and always. --- Savitha.

Acute Asthma

After marriage and change in location my Asthma resurfaced again, causing stress and trouble to my new life.Doctors put me on unending medication and inhaler. I also gained 8 kg weight. It was that phase that I joined Soham Yoga Studio. Not only did I recover completely , but also lost 6 kgs in short time.Practice yoga and stay blessed. --- Saanchi.