We help through Yoga in dealing with General Fitness to Stress, PCOS or PCOD or Ovarian Cysts, Infertility, Pre and Post Natal, Weight Loss, Back or Neck Pain, Sciatica, Thyroid, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Varicose Vein, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine, Asthma, Sinus and other disorders...

We make you live healthy and happy life

Our teaching combines ancient yoga practices , modern scientific background and experience.

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Gurujis we met

The hope is the beginning. Meeting with the Guru is the beginning of a great hope, a great aspiration.

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Real Stories

People who have tranformed their lives are sharing their history, experience and feedback.

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Yoga Events

Yoga Activities

Some glimpses of yoga events , lectures , workshops , conferences and outdoor yoga.

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Karma of giving

Life works on give and take. Unless you give something, there is no place formed to receive anything.

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We know what it takesto make you fit

Dr. Umesh Dwivedi is a Government Certified Yoga Teacher and a Researcher.

In Soham Yoga Studio™,
we give personal attention to the underlying drivers of the issues of an individual and apply particular yogic strategies to treat it.

We understand the impact of corporate work pressure and sedentary life style on one’s mental and physical health. Our classes are particularly intended and designed for such working professionals and home makers.

Changing peoples’ lives since 2010 AD

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Our articles are published in Times Of India news paper and Government Organizations.

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We have done extensive research on ancient yoga and meditation texts. Our teaching follows precise breathing and postural aspects taught by Yogis.

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Patanjali Invocation and Suryanamaskar Bija(Seed) Mantra

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